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Location/Address : Zero Point Islamabad
Phone number : 0092-300-9100325
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Brief Description : Safe & Secure Schools Program Pakistan by Save The Nation, Islamabad Police & KPK Police “Save The Nation, Islamabad Police & KPK Police successfully implemented the Emergency Panic Alert System in All 51000 Schools/Educational Institutes” 16th December 2014 was the darkest day in history of Pakistan, when 7 Militants conducted most brutal terrorist attack on Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar, The Capital city of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KPK) province. The enemies of humanity entered in school where innocent green uniformed children just sang the national anthem of Pakistan and sat in the assembly hall, militants opened straight fire on children aged between eight to eighteen years and staff. 145 innocent people including 132 school students were killed in this brutal terror attack. This was deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur in history of not only Pakistan but world in which so many innocent school children’s blood was being victim. There was a kind of stillness in the air while driving to school in the light of quietly subdued rising sun. Every parent was in secured to send their kids to school. Save The Nation Rising hope in that era of darkness was Save The Nation, who played very vital role to disappear those insecurities and fear from people mind. In the memory of Martyred of Army Public School, Save the Nation launched an initiative named Safe & Secure Schools Program (SSSP) with the help of Ministry of Interior Pakistan, NACTA (National Counterterrorism Authority), Federal Directorate of Education, Ministry of Education KPK, Islamabad Police and KPK Police. Through this Safe Schools initiative Save the Nation installed Emergency Panic Alert System for the safety & security of all Public & Private Schools/Colleges/Universities. Save The Nation is a Safety & Security organization and proudly working with Islamabad Police, Punjab Police & KPK Police. Our aim is to safe and secure Pakistan with strong and innovative solutions, strategies, educational trainings & consultancy. We proudly work on Safe City Program Faisalabad. Capital Safety Program Islamabad, Safe Schools Program KPK with Police. KPK Safe Schools Program: KPK (as province) has suffered from the worst attacks on schools/education than any country in the world. With over 3000 schools destroyed in KPK province, 1500 attacks on schools/students. After the brutal massacre in APS School Peshawar, there was a dire need for an immediate scaled-up response to protect, schools, students and school personnel from future attacks. As all schools of KPK based in world dangerous, sensitive & conflict zones Save The Nation joint hands with KPK Police and successfully Implemented Panic Alert System in all 48000 schools/educational institutes of all 25 districts for rescuing of 13 million students/225 k Teaching staff lives & whole education system in KPK, the most affected and frontline province of War Against Terrorism. Islamabad Safe Schools Program: Islamabad Police and Save the Nation also spread this initiate in 1700 plus Schools/educational institutes of Capital Territory Islamabad as well which enable to secure lives of 650000 students and 20000 teaching and non-teaching staff. Safe Schools Training Programs Save The Nation & Islamabad Police has not only successfully implemented the Panic Alert System but also conducted 105 School Safety & Security trainings and awareness sessions at Capital Safety Program Office, Rescue 15 Station for teaching, non-teaching & Security staff, which not only enable them to know the usage of Panic Alert System but feel of security and confidence of help in the event of any emergency. Emergency Panic Alert System: Emergency Panic Alert System allows a person/institution under duress to quickly and silently call for Police help just through a single click on an electronic device/Smartphone How to Use Panic Alert System? Panic Alert System are installed in dedicated Smartphone or Fixed Electronic Devices and directly connected via control server to the 16 different places i.e. Police Control, Capital Safety Program Offices, Rescue 15 Station and Vehicles of Quick Response Forces of Police and Rangers. Panic Alert System is basically a electronic device/Smartphone that a person/institute would activate when they needs help from police in any emergency situations like armed attack by terrorists, bomb blast, fire, ambulance and other suspicious activities. He will just push the button and alert is being received on 16 different places within 5 seconds and police quick response forces rush towards emergency area in minimum possible time and encounter the problem on timely basis. Impact of Safe Schools Program: Safe & Secure Schools Program’s so far directly positive psychological impact on 51000 Schools, 2000 Colleges, 150 Universities, 14000000 (14 Million) Students, 160k Teachers & 35k Non Teaching Staff Indirectly Impact Safe & Secure Schools program is on approximately 20000000 (20 Million) Parents, Family Members, Relatives of Children about their Safety & Security Inside School (During Educational Hours) Safe & Secure Sacred Places “Churches, Temples, Hospitals & Media Houses” After the brutal suicide attacks on Churches & target killings of doctors & journalists, In Islamabad, this system is not only installed in schools but also in all 79 Churches and Temples as well to ensure the safety of minorities by Islamabad Police and Save the Nation without any cost. Islamabad Police & Save The Nation is also spreading this extra ordinary service to Hospitals, Media Houses and many other organizations to rescue the life of general public very aggressively. They have successfully installed Panic Alert System in 28 hospitals and 32 Media Houses to cater the current circumstances of the country. “First Time in the World” Milestone Achieved: First time in the history of worldwide policing that Save The Nation, Islamabad & KPK Police integrated all educational institutes, hospitals, religious places & media houses directly with Police through Emergency Panic Alert System. And another milestone is also achieved that all these services are being provided totally free of cost (approximately worth of 400 Million PKRS/ 40 Million USD) What Safe Schools Program have achieved so far? Save more the 52000 Schools What will we do in future for School Safety & Security? Our Aim & Mission: To Safe & Secure every school/educational institute with strong, innovative, feasible, durable & cost effective strategies & solutions Out Target: To Safe & Secure 250000 Schools & all Education Institutes of Pakistan To safe and secure all universities, colleges & academies To conduct School Safety & Security Training session for all 50 Million Students & 1.5 Million Teaching & Non Teaching Staff What will we do next for Schools Safety? After the successful integration of Safe Schools Program’s Emergency Alert System with Quick /Rapid Response Forces of Law enforcement agencies , we are ready to start individual security & safety plan for every school, 1. Provide innovative and cost effective modern technology based security systems and solutions for Schools 2. A 24/7/365 Dedicated Phone Helpline for Schools, Students, Staff and Public about Schools safety and security matters 3. A Free Andriod, iOS & Windows based Schools Safety & Security Tips Application for the School Heads (will be delivered School Students daily in Assembly time) 4. Publish a School Safety & Security Magazine on monthly basis for freely distribution in all schools 5. 5 Million trained and active Safe Schools Volunteers 6. A behavioral & prediction special researched & data science based computer application on 90 % authentication result for school under threats, advance suicide and terror attack prevention for schools in high-risk areas 7. Integration of all Schools with Disaster Relief & Emergency Help Services i.e Rescue 1122 (for emergency Ambulance & Fire brigade relief), EDHI (emergency Ambulance Service), Fire Brigade (Building Disaster & Fire Relief) 8. For the safety of every student, A Personal/Moveable Emergency Panic Alert Smart Switch integrated with Police, School Administration & Parents 9. Dedicated WiFi, 3G, Fiber Optic communication Network of Police that will be directly connected with all Schools, this communications system will allows coherent communication between schools and authorities in the case of an emergency. 10. Connected & Integrated all CCTV Surveillance systems of Schools directly with Police Command & Control Room 11. A comprehensive school safety & Security guidelines book, Free for all teaching, non teaching & security staff to tackle an emergency situation, so they are aware of the exact procedure to evacuate of school building and communicate with security officials. 12. Developed a Teachers Police Liaison Committee (TPLC) as like Citizen Police Coordination Committee (CPCC). Police, Law Enforcement Agencies & TPLC will jointly held a monthly based meeting about Schools, Students & Staff security and safety related issues 13. A team of psychologist will be available every time for the children physically and psychologically relaxing from the threat of attack. Conclusion: Surely, terrorist attacks only make the situation worse. An initiative like Safe & Secure Schools Program by Save The Nation is an effective means of holding authorities accountable for security of schools and taking the fight to the miscreants simply by securing schools and educating pupils.

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