Restaurants in Islamabad

Pakistan has some top quality restaurants in the country and Islamabad being the capital of the country is upfront in hostelling. gives you a fair reach of restaurants in Islamabad where you can stay and dine. Islamabad is the busiest and beautiful city of Pakistan, and there come a number of tourists from countrywide and abroad. There are a number of restaurants and restaurants, which are providing their best services to both national and international tourists to Islamabad. Some multinational and corporate organizations also arrange their conferences and seminars on different issues in these restaurants. Fashion shows take place in these restaurants. Foods and Restaurants in Islamabad
Some other prominent restaurants in Islamabad are:

- Hotel And Restaurant Best Western
- Hotel Holiday Inn
- Marriot Hotel And Restaurant
- Serena Hotel And Restaurant
- Laconia Hotel And Restaurant
- Grand Hayat (Under Construction)
- Centaurus Hotel (Under Construction)
- Le Meridian
- Avari Hotel And Restaurant

Restaurants and other accommodations are as diverse as the many family and business travelers they accommodate. The industry includes all types of lodging, from upscale restaurants to parks. Motels, resorts, casino restaurants, bed-and-breakfast inns, and boarding houses also are included. Restaurants and motels comprise the majority of establishments and tend to provide more services than other lodging places. There are five basic types of restaurants—commercial, resort, residential, extended-stay, and casino. Most restaurants and motels are commercial properties that cater mainly to business people, tourists, and other travelers who need accommodations for a brief stay. Commercial restaurants and motels usually are located in cities or suburban areas and operate year round.

There are five basic types of restaurants:

- Commercial
- Resorts
- Residential
- Extended-stay
- Casino

In recent years, restaurants, motels, hotels, camps, and recreational and RV parks affiliated with national chains have grown rapidly. To the traveler, familiar chain establishments represent dependability and quality at predictable rates. National corporations own many chains, although many properties are independently owned but affiliated with a chain through a franchise agreement. Many independently operated restaurants and inns participate in national reservations services, thereby appearing to belong to a larger enterprise. In addition, many restaurants join local chambers of commerce, boards of trade, convention and tourism bureaus, or regional recreation associations in order support and promote tourism in their area. Some other prominent features of hostelling and restaurant industry in Islamabad include :
- Beverages
- Cleaning
- Food
- Guestroom
- Food Service Equipment
- Global Hospitality services
- Food supply companie