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Information about TALKINGFISH :
Location/Address : 47 Bhittai Road F 7 Jinnah Super Islamabad
Phone number : 0512650625
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Email : Contact TALKINGFISH
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Brief Description : The only authentic seafood restaurant in Islamabad, serving an exotic and contemporary menu. Talkingfish is the restaurant of excellence.

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qistas ( 02 - 09 - 2008 ) Reply
u must visit this web page

Barry Wood ( 29 - 08 - 2008 ) Reply
On my only visit to Islamabad I visited talkingfish last month. I found it to be a really nice friendly place with courtious staff and an excellent menu. I was really surprised to find Foie Gras on the menu and the food quality surpassed my expectations. I hope to visit Islamabad soon and will definately be returning to dine at Talkingfish.

Rashid mahmood ( 29 - 08 - 2008 ) Reply
The ambience is superb and the food excellent but a little pricey. Well worth a visit.