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Espresso Lounge

Information about Espresso Lounge :
Location/Address : Behind 7th Avenue shopping mall, Basment Trade Center , F-7 Markaz
Phone number : 051-2652943
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Email : Contact Espresso Lounge
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Brief Description : Coffee Bar and Lounge Espresso Lounge - for everyone who loves the coffee there ... For those of you who crave something other than coffee we have a selection of traditional and herbal teas, fresh juices and delicious fresh-fruit smoothies. Our chef mixes up a feast of delicious sandwiches, Pastas and mouth-watering salads to keep you going throughout the day. And, once again for the health-conscious, we offer an array of Weight Watchers sandwiches and wraps. Éspresso lounge has consistantly been recognized for its all organic quality product, its unique designer friendly atmosphere but mostly its eclectic clientele. thank you! thank you so very much! Our concept for Coffee Lounge has always been very clear. We wanted to create a cool hang-out where you could work, rest and play. Espresso Lounge marries together our love of design, all things beautiful and our passion for the world's number one drink - coffee. But, don't listen to us. We're biased. Come and experience it for yourself.

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