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Qamar Law Associates

Information about Qamar Law Associates :
Location/Address : 410 Poonch House Complex, Adam Jee, Rawalpindi
Phone number : 051-5566625
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Email : Contact Qamar Law Associates
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Brief Description : Mr. Muhammad Rashid Qamar is the founder of Qamar Law Associates. He has been practicing Law for three decades and practitioner in the Apex Court of the country. He is specialist in Banking, Corporate, Service and other civil matters. The firm was founded in 1985 and deals in both Criminal and Civil matters, operating from different cities of the Country and also internationally. The firm has achieved great respect in the legal fraternity and have attracted clients nation wide and also internationally. Our aim has always been to provide the best possible advice and service to our clients in an efficient and practical manner, while at the same time preserving the elements of a personalized traditional legal advisor-client relationship.

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