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Paradise Complex

Information about Paradise Complex :
Location/Address : Expressway islamabad Pakistan
Phone number : +92 51 2614931-2
Website URL :
Email : Contact Paradise Complex
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Brief Description : Banquet Hall Paradise Marquee & outdoor cateres.

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Saadia ( 06 - 06 - 2015 ) Reply
Worst wedding experience ever. I strongly suggest everyone NOT to get any of your wedding functions done at Paradise Complex, Expressway. The staff is very nice and accommodating til the moment you not made the payment. As soon as you have made the payment they don't even bother listening to what you are saying. At the time of booking they note down every detail that you require and commit that they will provide everything but later on they don't even look at the paper and when you claim that things aren't looking as planned they become defensive and never accept their mistake. After the even is done they completely leave you on your own and are least bit bothered about any complaints / reviews that you have.