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Brief Description : Pyramid Automation is a progressive power engineering company based in Lahore Branch Office Islamabad, established in 2003. Our business is to provide world leading, high quality, low / high voltage control, protection and communication equipment backed by full technical support & after sale, support and warranty services of our complete product line to our customers across Pakistan. We also offer application analysis, Design Engineering, Testing, Configuration and Commissioning Services for the complete range of our product line. Our engineering team has the expertise to commission the most complicated applications of Load Sharing & Synchronization system suitable for multiple generators and multiple mains, including Remote Control & Communication of the generators via Internet, GSM, GPRS or Modbus protocols. Deep Sea Electronics Key Products DSE-31XX DSE-44XX DSE-60XX DSE-73XX The DSE7510 is an Automatic Engine Control Module, designed to provide advanced load share functionality that includes automatic synchronising with built-in synchroscope and closing onto dead bus. Also The DSE8610 is an easy to use multi-generator load share system, designed to synchronise up to 32 generators including electronic and non-electronic engines.The 5A /24V Battery Charger has been designed to be permanently connected to a battery, keeping it charged to maximum capacity.2nd (Fozmula Key Products)FOZMULA range of Engine Monitoring & Protection Equipment, instrumentation is reliable cost effective gauges. Incorporating integral back lighting. Formula gauges monitor oil temperature, pressure, water temperature, battery volts and fuel level.3rd-(Iskra Key Products)SURGE ARRESTOR 100KA Class I/ Type1/B+C Location of use: Main distribution boards High surge discharge ratings: Imax = 100 kA ,CAPACITOR KNK 6049 Rated power : 10 kvar 440 Vac 50 HZ capacitor,POWER RELAYS 230V AC, 11 pin power relays,MINIATURE RELAYS 12 V DC 8 pin miniature relay

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