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TCS Express & Logistics

Information about TCS Express & Logistics :
Location/Address : Aabpara Market
Phone number : 111-123-456
Website URL :
Email : Contact TCS Express & Logistics
Rating : Not Rated Yet.

Brief Description : Domestic & Worldwide Courier & Gifts Delivery Service

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OMER ( 31 - 01 - 2014 ) Reply
TCS is a very bad service and also it has a very bad costumer support service that when you try to complaint on there help line they will made you guilty and will never accept your complaint,i request to all that never use TCS specially when the time is really worth for you. I am writing this bcz i got very big time loss due to TCS and when i tried to complaint them they denied me.

Mirza Jawad Baig ( 26 - 12 - 2013 ) Reply
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Abdul Aziz ( 25 - 06 - 2013 ) Reply
One of the most careless courier company. Whatever they do is out of the responsibility which they take at the beginning. One of the most recent issue which I've been is of delivering a parcel to a friend. They are too lazy that a parcel has not been delivered after a week even of sending it. They do accept complaints and acknowledge, then sleep like nothing happened such ignorant uneducated employees they have hired who can't type and write anything - Remark the parcel with stupid reasons of incorrect address, etc and send them back rather than delivering it. I'll surely go with some of the negative comments above as no doubt it's right regardless of the employees themselves passing some positive ones. Despite the fact of accepting the fault they encourage their stupidity and try their best to deal with such in the same manner for what they have been given job. Ridiculous performance by TCS in the entire life I have seen. They must evict the employees and make the services strong instead of fooling the customers around. God damnit.

ahmed sheikh ( 30 - 06 - 2012 ) Reply
Good comments about TCS may be from TCS itself or based on one transaction. I know a few incidents where TCS has been very careless, irresponsible and dishonest courier. Staff of 2 companies who use TCS are very unhappy and get regular complaints. Recent example is that a Parcel was received by TCS from Karachi and was to be delivered to Islamabad. Parcel left Karachi on 27th June but until now (30th June 11:00) is not delivered. As the document was urgent and important, many phone call were made to TCS on 29th, every time they replied that the parcel is on the way and will be delivered today. This Parcel is sent by a branch of Bank to another Branch of Bank. So beware of TCS and stay away with them if possible. Use OCS or Leopard. Trust me I can give many examples of TCS absolutely careless and worthless service.

Ghazanfar Munir ( 21 - 09 - 2011 ) Reply
Respected Sir, I cannot receive my and my sister NTS Roll No slips kindly check it and send us as soon as possible traking details are as follows... Tracking Number : 80705965168 Shipment Detail : Agent Reference Number : Origin : ISLAMABAD Destination : HUMAK Booking Date : 13-SEP-11 00:09 Shipper : NATIONAL TESTING SERVICE Consignee : GHAZANFAR MUNIR Tracking Number : 80705965065 Shipment Detail : Agent Reference Number : Origin : ISLAMABAD Destination : HUMAK Booking Date : 13-SEP-11 00:09 Shipper : NATIONAL TESTING SERVICE Consignee : SAIMA MUNIR

Majid Mehmood ( 01 - 01 - 2011 ) Reply
DearSir/Madam, I have no comments out of that i send a parcel from lahore to islamabad on Tuesday 23rd Decemeber, its Samples for our buyer and New Year Gift but till now its not delivered to my buyer, what can i do with TCS ? Which person is responsible? Pls note Awb# 904 2022750 Till now i have not satisfied from person follow up ? Relpy me soon its very urgent. B/ Regards, Majid Mehmood Blue G Apparels & Textiles 330, G-3, Johar Town Lahore Cell:+923004788849

Saima Saeed ( 10 - 12 - 2010 ) Reply
The worst courier service imaginable! They lost our package and remained in denial for whole 2 months. Our $500 worth of clothes were lost and they did not even provide any compensation. Folks, if you want you courier delivered and guaranteed, Stay away from them! I want to say Fxxx them! But this can hardly express our loss.

Khalid H Khan ( 08 - 10 - 2010 ) Reply
Since one hour I am trying on phone to contact the TCS office Khannah Pul but since one hour there is response from any person.

asad ( 22 - 08 - 2010 ) Reply
tcs is not a good courier service .

kashif ( 21 - 12 - 2008 ) Reply
The worst kind of courier service i could have ever had , i got my docs late and remained unable to bid worth Millions $ for which i was preparing since long . Simply Fuck on TCS .

Fashion Veer ( 07 - 06 - 2008 ) Reply
We are regular customers of TCS Islamabad. We hired them as our courier service in Islamabad to ship dresses to USA and other countries. However they lost our shipment twice. Our online tracking number tells that the shipment was lost. We showed them receiept of customer, price that our customer paid to us for dresses, the refund confirmation because she did't receive the dresses. TCS decided to adjust and settle this deal of US$400 by offering $15 as a compensation. All we have to say is that they are totally unreliable and worst courier service to depend on. Better Pay little extra than loosing your consignment.

Mohammad Zahid ( 01 - 06 - 2008 ) Reply
i want to say that TCS is a leading courier company but TCS should have to improve its Overland & logistics service according to future era. overall TCS is the best company.

Nasir Khan ( 28 - 02 - 2008 ) Reply
TCS is a real good and well known courier service in Pakistan. Their prices and packages are also really impressive. However they have an accountant who sits in Aabpara branch. He seems to be untrained in customer daling and showed real unprfessional attitude while I went there for a coporate deal of my company.