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Unique Track (Pvt) Ltd.

Information about Unique Track (Pvt) Ltd. :
Location/Address : 609 H/3 Johar Town Expo Chowk, Lahore Pakistan
Phone number : 042-5313582
Website URL :
Email : Contact Unique Track (Pvt) Ltd.
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Brief Description : Unique Track specializes in today's GPS tracking systems. Founded in 2008, Unique Track (UT) is a leading supplier of GPS-based asset-tracking and fleet-management systems, always guaranteeing to be your solution provider. UT has increased fleet efficiency, reduced operating costs, and improved customer service for all customers across the whole Pakistan. UT’s advantage is the ability to provide AT&T-certified fleet-management software and hardware while utilizing the proficiency of GPS tracking system technology. Our vehicle tracking systems provide the ability to pinpoint your vehicle’s location to as close as three feet away while supplying rapid and updated vehicle information, including maintenance information, speed, location, and direction.Cost effectiveness and customer service are our top priorities. Expansion and growth of Unique Track has been accomplished through hard work and dedication from the TEAM of experts who always provide first-rate customer service and product knowledge. Unique Track has researched the GPS industry and scoured the globe to find a diverse selection of GPS asset/fleet management options. Unique Track is providing all features in Pakistan which are available internationally like Internet In Car, Email and 2-Way Messaging, Messaging Data Terminal, Bar-Code Reader, Remote Panic Button, Multi User access through Web interface. Client interface is very flexible and offers Data Export for your existing application and has Crystal reporting and online vehicle history is available for all customers.

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